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DMT Logistics, LLC (DMT) is a leading bulk milk hauler in Arizona. Every day of the week our drivers pick up milk from local dairies, using custom built state-of-the-art stainless-steel tankers, and new model tractor's. Delivering to receiving plants strategically placed throughout the Phoenix Metropolitan area. DMT has the capability of picking up milk with the highest level of safety and service. We are always striving for the newest innovative transportation solutions and technologies to better serve our customers as well as remain dominant in the dairy industry.

Guaranteed and Secure Employment

DMT Logistics, LLC

We provide the best service possible to our dairy customers while ensuring a great work environment for our milk handlers. We use some of the finest equipment and technology available. This is the dairy industry; regardless of what the economy does, there are no layoffs, your position is secure.

For a stable and motivated individual with the right skill set, we would love to show you how bright your future looks. If you would like to join the best milk hauler in Arizona and be a part of something great, let us show you what your future could be.

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